May 2010

Baby you can buzz my hair

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For several years now, I’ve refused to let anyone cut my hair.

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Easy Rider

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I was saddened to read that Dennis Hopper died today at the age of 74. Obituaries are starting to appear here and there, and most share a view of his career as erratic and uneven.

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Mulholland Drive

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I first saw Mulholland Drive with my friend Rana in her tiny Tokyo apart­ment. The film ended at mid­night and by the time we grew tired of analyzing its many twists and turns, we realized day­light had already crept in through her curtains.

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My friends and business partners have been egging me on to update my portfolio and website, and today Samsam reminded me that I owe my copywriter Hala a bio outline.

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City of Gaps

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On a sunny day in Tokyo, whatever the season, a strange phenomenon can regularly be observed: for a moment a streak of light will pierce into a street which has been shrouded all day in the shadows of densely-packed buildings.

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Dad on the Tube

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No matter how old I get, I’m never too old to cartwheel across the room when I see a family member on TV.

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