Short and Sweet

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This Tokyo sign says one thing: More is less.

Shakespeare’s Polonius claims that brevity is the soul of wit. Yet he’d have chattered on and on if Hamlet did not half-accidentally stab him to death.

So as not to incur your wrath, boredom, or — worst of all — indifference, and to escape Polonius’s bloody fate, I’ve decided from now on to keep meedosite’s stories short and sweet.

Peace, out.

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Abhishek November 20, 2015 at 6:33 pm

waaa…thanks yaaa…it’s an honour…really :)chester: the compititeon is basically seeking for THE girl who is deemed to be smart, stylish and independent…participants will be sorted out based on their (fashion) style at first, and those selected will then have to follow certain missions that’ll show their creativity and crazy ideas…


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