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BOURJ HAMMOUD ON SUNDAY • Click on the slideshow for a larger view.

My Swedish-Croatian-Brazilian friend Izabella Demavlys and I decided to spend our Sunday afternoon photographing Bourj Hammoud.

She had driven though the Armenian suburb of Beirut a few days ago and noticed that it looked denser, more architecturally eclectic, and generally more neighborhood-like than some other parts of the city. Always ready for a good photo story, we picked up our cameras and headed out.

These are some of the photos I took, and Izabella’s are on Facebook. It’s fascinating how we each saw the same place in different ways.

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Yayuk November 20, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Danielle D I lived in Mar Mikhael for a few months (with felolw Moho May Y!) just a few blocks from the electricity company in fact. it’s interesting that you wrote this post, because the ONLY times I have ever felt harassed or violated in some way took place in that neighborhood. One time, a guy grabbed my ass. Another time a guy kept trying to get my number, following me around until I flipped out at him. I have always chalked these instances up to the fact that it was summertime, and as such I was exposing a little more skin, as well as the fact that I was living outside the foreign student hub of Hamra. However, reading this I wonder if perhaps there is some sort of weird gropey trend going on?


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