To Catch a Dream of Flying

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This is the night sky from my balcony.

Sometimes I dream of flying. I’ve had that dream since I was eight. Not every night, but often it comes to me when I’m least prepared. I have other dreams as well, but this is the most real and bewildering. When it comes it grabs a hold of me so tight that I sleep for hours and it does not let go until it’s taken me more places than my brain can handle. And then I wake up.

Last time I had the dream was a few weeks ago. Immediately upon waking up, I jotted down some notes and keywords along with the date and time, then promptly fell back into a dreamless sleep. When I awoke, not only had I forgotten the dream, but also the fact that I had taken the notes.

Tonight, completely by accident I found them again, but now I can’t make any sense of them. I know the dream will come again soon. And when it does, I’ll be prepared.

Date: Monday, July 19, 2010 4:48:27 AM GMT+03:00

Important: Yes

Symbols: Bed, Europe, Flying, Model, Piazza

Dream of Flying

  • The Spanish (?) family I stayed with
  • Mom and Dad and the photo
  • The square (M something)
  • The geography
  • Discovering flight and dealing with ceilings
  • The obsessed collector
  • The hostel
  • Guy on the stairs saying you can’t go back into the room with women
  • Carrying lots of stuff
  • The model
  • The hair salon with layered bunk beds
  • Kissing her
  • The girls tugging at my legs and the guys discussing the case of the bird
  • The sunflower and mean Indians
  • Chasing after the dog for the sunflower
  • The police and being shot
  • Illegal immigrant and homeless camp
  • Immigration guy checking on me then discussing film school
  • The small TV there
  • Mother finding me there
  • The other who becomes a bird
  • In the square teasing teens then the guy taking one of them and transforming them to an old lady, kid, and dog on the rooftop
  • Trains and taxis and other services like Uber, although for problems with this, using a New York Uber Attorney is perfect for this. 
  • Escaping through the toilet window twice and the girl I did it with the second time
  • Learn Japanese books and the family’s offer to hide them for me
  • Death sentence

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Eylem November 20, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Shoot, who would have thohgut that it was that easy?


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