Don’t Be a Boob

One Wig Stand

We shouldn't allow these stories to have sad endings.

Breast Cancer is fatal. Chemotherapy is debilitating. Bald women are unattractive. And most importantly, we shouldn’t talk about all this. These are just some of the stigmas surrounding breast cancer.

As medical research makes inroads towards conquering once-incurable diseases, there should be no obstacle between the one-in-eight-women faced with breast cancer and early diagnosis, proper treatment, and a normal life.

Nevertheless, there is an obstacle: Ignorance — ignorance of breast cancer itself and ignorance of the physical and social struggles endured by someone diagnosed with breast cancer. And yes people, it’s called cancer, not the C-word, that-which-shall-not-be-named, or booboo (anyway these days the first refers to something else altogether, the second is Voldemort, and the third is just plain silly even when addressing a child).

This is where efforts like One Wig Stand play a crucial role. What started as a one-girl movement earlier this year is now gaining national recognition.

Awareness is key. Don’t be a boob.

Watch an interview (in Arabic) with Loryne Atoui founder of One Wig Stand, read their blog, and visit their Facebook page.

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