December 2010

What, me worry?

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Alfred E. Neuman is the jug-eared mascot on the cover of Mad, my favorite magazine growing up (and people accuse me of being an intellectual, so hah!).

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O that I were a glove…

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Why does this photograph fill me with so much joy? Why does the sight of my younger brother holding his newborn daughter Julie make me want to live to be a hundred?

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A Child is Born

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On Christmas Eve, Julie kicked and screamed her way through a C-section, arriving in Indianapolis, a tiny spot on the western hemisphere of Planet Earth.

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Don’t say cheese, Mr. Assange.

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The ideal style of portraiture for news magazines is something I like to call the mug portrait, or the subjective mugshot. Here’s why.

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Blog Out Loud

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Notes on Creating a Personal Blog with Loryne & Meedo • Presented at the Blogging Lebanon Convention, December 2010.

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