January 2011

The Three-headed Meedo

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Meedo has three heads.

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Set in contemporary Beirut, A Road to Damascus is a faux-thriller about a reclusive botanist who witnesses a political murder and is drawn into a personal investigation. Read an excerpt from Meedo’s upcoming novel.

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Julie for Prime Minister

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The Top 10 Reasons my four-week-old niece Julie would make a great Lebanese Prime Minister are…

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The Art of Seeing

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It used to be that seeing was an art. And capturing an image required thought — not the intellectual kind as academics and critics would have us believe, but the intuitive kind. It required us to see.

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Suspension of Disbelief

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A profound connection between being and architecture can be traced to Plato’s Cave, a metaphorical model of man’s ascension from ignorance to enlightenment.

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In Search of Jazz

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The setting is New Orleans, circa 1880. A lone trumpet player blows his horn on the side of a dirt road. But soon a fuller melody overtakes his and as it gets louder, a brass band appears around the corner, playing a funeral march as it trails behind a wooden casket. He falls in step with the procession, its line consisting of four other men, and he plays along.

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