February 2011

The Problem with Dubai

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A metropolis is a boundless synthesis of cities and villages. It often begins life as a labyrinthine castle town that evolves over time into a dense urban network that never truly reveals itself, flickering in a perpetual process of spontaneous change that thrives on a highly erratic ritual of destruction and rebuilding.

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Parks are almost extinct in Beirut, so the best place to spend a sunny Sunday is the Corniche.

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A Day at a Beirut Gym

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I need to get there. Can’t miss this one! Five hundred calories to burn today! Then I need my massage. I can’t miss that either since I already paid… COME ON!!

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The People Have Spoken

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A single voice shouted out. It shook a thirty-year-old rock until it faltered, quaked, and finally crumbled.

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Skype with Julie

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Tonight I did my first ever trans-Atlantic Skype chat with my six-week-old niece Julie.

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A lot has happened this week and now it’s time to sort through it.

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