Parks are almost extinct in Beirut, so the best place to spend a sun­ny Sunday is the Corniche. One of the most iden­ti­fi­able fea­tures of the city is also its most endur­ing: a long water­front ter­race fre­quent­ed by peo­ple of all sizes, shapes, col­ors and ages.

I spent an hour this after­noon on a bench there, exchang­ing sto­ries with strangers and tak­ing pho­tos. Of all the peo­ple I saw, the chil­dren seemed the most fas­ci­nat­ed with being out­doors. Their par­ents were all too hap­py to stop, chat and then allow me to snap away — in hope that their good times would be cap­tured, and per­haps pre­served, by the cam­era.

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Maga November 21, 2015 at 3:17 pm

egun onc'est beate cette re9action sur les 4X4 e7a sent l'e9colo.Cette belle journe9e ffbt trouble9e par cnatries ve9los se croyant en compe9tition et re2lant parce qu'on ne les laisse pas passer.LES VELOS C'EST LE MALGD Star Ratingloading...


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