Lebanon is winding road and open highway.

It’s easy to dismiss my grandparents. Their past is a book of follies and mistakes. Today they stand before me, spine arched, hands shaky, eyes buried in scales. All they were is all they ever will be.

It’s easy to spoil my children. Their future is an ocean of dreams and possibilities. In my eyes they twinkle ahead of me, fingers unformed, dimples like the crook of my elbow, hair shining in a coming dawn. They are not yet, yet they’re all I ever will be.

It’s easy to dismiss Lebanon, and it’s easy to spoil Lebanon. It is my dead grandparents and my unborn children. Its today is yesterday’s failures and tomorrow’s hopes. But yesterday is not over still and tomorrow is not yet upon us.

Lebanon is me. I refuse to be dismissed and I shall not be spoiled.

Thank you Julia Boutros, whose Lebnan played to me as I wrote, and whose voice carries these words to the end of the world and back.

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