Out of Context

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Context distorts perception.

Context dis­torts per­cep­tion.

This is a scene from the nov­el A Road to Damascus, on which I’m putting the final pol­ish­ing touch­es before pub­li­ca­tion. Taken out of con­text, it gives a severe­ly dis­tort­ed impres­sion of the pow­er struc­ture between the two char­ac­ters. They are aware of that, and through­out the sto­ry exploit this slip­page between per­cep­tion and real­i­ty.

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Nerunchara November 20, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Annie, please rperot him to the police/sheriff. He is a predator. I have filed charges against him but was told they need more women to say what he did to them. That way they can stop him. His address and phone numbers are in the phone book. If a woman answers, tell his wife what he did to you. That's what I tried to do but he answered the phone. Please help stop this predator.10-1-12


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