Jobs Opening

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Today, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple. While this is hard­ly a shock, it is cer­tain­ly an oppor­tu­ni­ty to reflect on the achieve­ments of a man whom many, includ­ing myself, con­sid­er an inspi­ra­tion.

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Don’t Be a Boob

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Breast Cancer is fatal. Chemotherapy is debil­i­tat­ing. Bald wom­en are unat­trac­tive. And most impor­tant­ly, we shouldn’t talk about all this. These are just some of the stig­mas sur­round­ing breast can­cer.

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Thomas Edison famous­ly claimed that suc­cess is 10 per­cent inspi­ra­tion and 90 per­cent per­spi­ra­tion. In that same spir­it, and for as long as I’ve known her, Farah Shaer has been one very busy bee. 

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Why I Dislike Architects *

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Renowned Dutch archi­tect Rem Koolhaas spoke this evening in Beirut about issues affect­ing not only the con­tem­po­rary archi­tect, but just about any­one who’s ever lived in a build­ing.

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Moving Forward Standing Still

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Lollyno’s lat­est project is osten­si­bly called Moving Forward Standing Still, a pho­tog­ra­phy exhi­bi­tion set to the the­me of tra­di­tion ver­sus moder­ni­ty.

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Scream of a Butterfly

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The weeks pri­or to my trip to India, I col­lab­o­rat­ed with Layal El Ghazirie on her debut book صرخة فراشه (Scream of a Butterfly). In her col­lec­tion of 25 short sto­ries, para­bles, and anec­dotes, the promis­ing young Lebanese author writes about mar­riage from the point of view of a 21 year old girl liv­ing in a soci­ety that, when it comes to the issue, suf­fers a cri­sis of iden­ti­ty.

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