O that I were a glove…

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Why does this photograph fill me with so much joy? Why does the sight of my younger brother holding his newborn daughter Julie make me want to live to be a hundred?

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A Child is Born

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On Christmas Eve, Julie kicked and screamed her way through a C-section, arriving in Indianapolis, a tiny spot on the western hemisphere of Planet Earth.

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A child sits at the doorstep of her house with a can of soap in her hand. She’s happy but bored, so she puts the can to her lips and blows.

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Mini Meedo

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In nine months, I will be an uncle. While Zena and Tarek read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I’m hard at work on my list of How To Spoil My Niece (or Nephew) Silly.

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Jad’s Day in the Park

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I’m transforming my room into an office, and over the past month have been unearthing books, photos, and other bits and pieces of the past. My favorite so far is an essay my then ten-year-old brother Jad presented in English class.

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Budida is Ryan’s friend. They often play a game where Budida hides somehwere in the house while Ryan and his mom Celia follow the sound of Budida’s humming. Ryan always wins because only he can hear the song.

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