Why I Dislike Architects *

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Renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas spoke this evening in Beirut about issues affecting not only the contemporary architect, but just about anyone who’s ever lived in a building.

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Jad’s Day in the Park

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I’m transforming my room into an office, and over the past month have been unearthing books, photos, and other bits and pieces of the past. My favorite so far is an essay my then ten-year-old brother Jad presented in English class.

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One Year Older, Ten Years Wiser

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Next week we celebrate Souly’s birthday. Many take New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day to reminisce and make resolutions. For me, the fact that the Earth has completed one more revolution around the sun, that a wise man was born 2000 years ago, or that some chocolate companies want to make money means very little to me.

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Budida is Ryan’s friend. They often play a game where Budida hides somehwere in the house while Ryan and his mom Celia follow the sound of Budida’s humming. Ryan always wins because only he can hear the song.

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Moving Forward Standing Still

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Lollyno’s latest project is ostensibly called Moving Forward Standing Still, a photography exhibition set to the theme of tradition versus modernity.

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Scream of a Butterfly

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The weeks prior to my trip to India, I collaborated with Layal El Ghazirie on her debut book صرخة فراشه (Scream of a Butterfly). In her collection of 25 short stories, parables, and anecdotes, the promising young Lebanese author writes about marriage from the point of view of a 21 year old girl living in a society that, when it comes to the issue, suffers a crisis of identity.

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