Harissa Overcast

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For Izabella’s last day in Beirut, Samsam and I took her to Harissa.

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Izabella Hammoud

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My Swedish-Croatian-Brazilian photographer friend Izabella Demavlys and I decided to spend our Sunday afternoon shooting Bourj Hammoud.

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Anything to Ad?

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I have mixed feelings about advertising, and generally accept or turn down projects on a case-by-case basis. Plus I only consider photography an expensive hobby, and in fact don’t make any mention of it on my website or business card.

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Hamra, where to?

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Take me back to Hamra Street. Not the strip of franchise restaurants, or the avenue of glass-and-steel boutiques, or the boulevard of frapuccino joints, or the thoroughfare of parceled rubble piles.

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City of Now

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Beirut is a city of difference: 9 layers of history lie buried under 67 square kilometers on which tiny pockets of art-nouveau architecture squeeze into a modern urban landscape co-inhabited by 18 different religious sects in tacit peace.

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Why I Dislike Architects *

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Renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas spoke this evening in Beirut about issues affecting not only the contemporary architect, but just about anyone who’s ever lived in a building.

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