Day one: Dreams

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Day one at the Ashram is actually Day three since I literally slept through yesterday having arrived past midnight the day before (phew!). I woke up from the most intense dream I’ve had yet of everything and everyone I came here to forget.

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Day two: Discipline

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Day Two brought with it a rebalance in my karma as I made up for last night’s ditch by sticking pricetags on CDs, however my boss said my bad penmanship is a sign that I’m probably bad in bed. But that little diss from Ananda was not my greatest worry — that would be succumbing to finally using the bathroom, which I’ve not done yet.

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Day three: Faces

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I’ve started getting used to the faces around me: There’s Mafidash (Corinne and I can’t remember his name) from Maine, who has a huge beard and gave me a book. There’s Chrissy from Toronto, who got into a rickshaw accident on her way here and has bandages all over her face.

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Day four: Meedoguru

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Today I faced my biggest fear — no, not the headstand, that is yet to come — but rather using the shared facilities.

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Day five: Freeday!

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What was in a sense my busiest day so far is the day I have the least to write about and is also the day I took the most pictures. Fewer words, more images. Trivandrum and Kovalam by rickshaw, an Om tattoo on the inner right ankle, ritual prayer (puja) to the Divine Mother, and I wore local clothing — a nice change from my daily costume of white T-shirt.

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Day six: Conundra

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So went the (typical) conversation with my boss at the boutique. Today my karma yoga session ended with me taking photos of her again while this poor TTC guy tried to negotiate a price reduction on a rotting copy of “The Yogi,” which Ananda refused to give him.

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