Day thirteen: Freeday!

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Woke up at 8:30 and I’m in the courtyard chatting with Michael (retiree from Berlin), who is leaving this morning to Varkala. Last night at the Shiva festival someone grabbed me to reveal that someone (another someone apparently) has “a crush” on me.

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Day fourteen: Newness

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I haven’t been dreaming much since that first day, but this morning I woke up from recollections of a girl from my past, two friends from my present, some nakedness, and the words “She’s yucky.” Shiva Hall now — I guess I’ll do some reading until 6 a.m. satsang… Silent walk! Cool, refreshing, lovely morning… Lunch was good today, and I came the closest I have so far to finishing my plate.

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Day fifteen: Raja

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Satsang this morning included ten minutes of meditation followed by chanting then an Om for the two new programs starting today. Prasad was very good.

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Day sixteen: Intermediate

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Woke up at 5:45 from intense dreams of women I knew, a mansion in the hills, downtown Beirut dark and deserted, duplicity, coitus interruptus, phone calls, and saying the wrong name. Meditated for 20 minutes at satsang and now my mind is clear.

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Day seventeen: Housecleaning

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Apparently Swami Satchidananda (who opened Woodstock and was Swami Sivananda’s student) — his students sat so close to him in class that they would blow their cigarette smoke in his face.

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Day eighteen: Coltrane

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Health Hut is dry today! No lemon. No banana. No pineapple. No this. No that. So at the suggestion of Ambica, I have cheese toast and herbal cola as I read The Sivananda Companion to Meditation, which I got from the library.

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