City on a Tight Europe

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On a recent trip to Zagreb, I asked a half-Croatian what she thought of her homeland’s imminent entry into the European Union.

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Open Letter

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Tell us not what to think, but why to think it. Tell us not what to feel, but who deserves it. Tell us not what to do, but how to do it. Tell us not what to want, but where to get it.

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Giant Catfish

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Legend has it that underneath Tokyo bay sleeps a giant catfish which tosses and turns causing the many tremors felt almost every day in the city. The big fish awakes every seventy years, causing a devastating earthquake.

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The Problem with Dubai

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A metropolis is a boundless synthesis of cities and villages. It often begins life as a labyrinthine castle town that evolves over time into a dense urban network that never truly reveals itself, flickering in a perpetual process of spontaneous change that thrives on a highly erratic ritual of destruction and rebuilding.

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Parks are almost extinct in Beirut, so the best place to spend a sunny Sunday is the Corniche.

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A Day at a Beirut Gym

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I need to get there. Can’t miss this one! Five hundred calories to burn today! Then I need my massage. I can’t miss that either since I already paid… COME ON!!

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