The Results

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There are two words a Lebanese photographer dreads more than any else.

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An Experiment

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I don’t know what the dictionary definition of an experiment is, but mine is to toss in a few constants with one or two variables, and observe the (unpredictable) results.

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I shoot a roll of film, develop it, display some prints on my wall, file away others in a drawer, and throw away the rest. I live moments, they leave traces in my mind, I share some of them, keep others to myself, and forget the rest.

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Don’t Be a Boob

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Breast Cancer is fatal. Chemotherapy is debilitating. Bald women are unattractive. And most importantly, we shouldn’t talk about all this. These are just some of the stigmas surrounding breast cancer.

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Emotional Distance

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I had never photographed a wedding, so when my friends-by-proxy Ivy and Al invited me to be a part of their happy day and take a few photos, I was happy to oblige.

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Tomorrow I fly out to Toronto for a few days to attend a wedding and catch up with Corinne and friends.

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