Giant Catfish

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Legend has it that underneath Tokyo bay sleeps a giant catfish which tosses and turns causing the many tremors felt almost every day in the city. The big fish awakes every seventy years, causing a devastating earthquake.

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The Problem with Dubai

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A metropolis is a boundless synthesis of cities and villages. It often begins life as a labyrinthine castle town that evolves over time into a dense urban network that never truly reveals itself, flickering in a perpetual process of spontaneous change that thrives on a highly erratic ritual of destruction and rebuilding.

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City of Gaps

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On a sunny day in Tokyo, whatever the season, a strange phenomenon can regularly be observed: for a moment a streak of light will pierce into a street which has been shrouded all day in the shadows of densely-packed buildings.

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Small Town in a Big City

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Small places present the filmmaker with a dilemma: Shooting a film is an act of revelation, of uncovering secrets, yet the essence of a small place is often its shyness, its ambiguity, the fact that it refuses to reveal itself.

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Walk Don’t Walk

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This is the story of a man who dreams of walking in a garden. He lives in the city and his entire world is a collage of trains, buses and subways.

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Small Space

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I went out for the first time in Tokyo one cold November night. The air was filled with a spirit of festivity and the smell of sake, and the Yamanote train was especially crowded with businessmen well ahead of my friends and I in alcohol intake.

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