Kinko’s Chronicles


One morning shortly after we moved to LA, my wife was making copies at Kinko’s, when this sweet man in his early seventies, completely unselfconscious, perhaps even a little defiant of how, in our paranoid century number 21, his actions might be a little icky to a young mom, struck up a conversatioin with my then two-year-old son.

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A Road to Damascus


A Road to Damascus, published by Tamyras, is available in Beirut starting June 15.

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The Craft of Cinematography

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Some behind-the-scenes from The Craft of Cinematography, a class I taught at the American University in Dubai.

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The Shadows Within

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Three Past Two Haiku

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Five broken pencils, one by one their leads snap off. Only words remain.

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I miss the view from my parents’ rooftop.

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