Another Day, Another Dirham

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This is my morning routine from bed to office.

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The Tree of Life

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The Tree of Life restored my faith in a cinema that transcends entertainment.

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Inland Empire

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“It was nonsense…” a phrase we often use to disparage a film we’ve had to sit through for one reason or another. We spit out the words vindictively, and with great relish, to berate the work in a vain attempt to distance ourselves from it, to somehow brush off the experience like some humiliating dandruff. […]

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Three Colors: White

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Karol is down on his luck. As a Polish man living in Paris during the early 1990’s, he finds himself with very few choices when one day, almost out of the blue, his French wife decides to dump him.

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Visiting Julie

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The Tahas fly to Indianapolis to see Granddaughter Julie for the first time.

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The Three-headed Meedo

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Meedo has three heads.

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