Suspension of Disbelief

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A profound connection between being and architecture can be traced to Plato’s Cave, a metaphorical model of man’s ascension from ignorance to enlightenment.

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Since its release almost four decades ago, Jacques Tati’s Playtime (1967) has aged like a fine wine. It started life as a critical punching bag and slowly gained recognition as an exquisitely detailed (and very funny) vision of a bland and ultimately bleak modern distopia.

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Easy Rider

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I was saddened to read that Dennis Hopper died today at the age of 74. Obituaries are starting to appear here and there, and most share a view of his career as erratic and uneven.

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Mulholland Drive

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I first saw Mulholland Drive with my friend Rana in her tiny Tokyo apart­ment. The film ended at mid­night and by the time we grew tired of analyzing its many twists and turns, we realized day­light had already crept in through her curtains.

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When Psycho was released in 1960, it was criticized for twisting and bending the conventions of the preceding decades of cinema completely out of shape. Then bit by bit it was revealed that director Alfred Hitchcock was correct at every bend.

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Dear Steve

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Dear Steve, I’m an architect and filmmaker, and recently launched my blog. So in short, I suppose I fall smack dab in the middle of the demographic affected by the ongoing Apple vs. Flash issue.

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