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Dear Janis Joplin and Kris Kristofferson.

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Le Penseur

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Think for yourself.

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Open Letter

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Tell us not what to think, but why to think it. Tell us not what to feel, but who deserves it. Tell us not what to do, but how to do it. Tell us not what to want, but where to get it.

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Three Colors: White

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Karol is down on his luck. As a Polish man living in Paris during the early 1990’s, he finds himself with very few choices when one day, almost out of the blue, his French wife decides to dump him.

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Visiting Julie

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The Tahas fly to Indianapolis to see Granddaughter Julie for the first time.

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The Problem with Dubai

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A metropolis is a boundless synthesis of cities and villages. It often begins life as a labyrinthine castle town that evolves over time into a dense urban network that never truly reveals itself, flickering in a perpetual process of spontaneous change that thrives on a highly erratic ritual of destruction and rebuilding.

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