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Parks are almost extinct in Beirut, so the best place to spend a sunny Sunday is the Corniche.

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The Three-headed Meedo

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Meedo has three heads.

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The Art of Seeing

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It used to be that seeing was an art. And capturing an image required thought — not the intellectual kind as academics and critics would have us believe, but the intuitive kind. It required us to see.

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In Search of Jazz

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The setting is New Orleans, circa 1880. A lone trumpet player blows his horn on the side of a dirt road. But soon a fuller melody overtakes his and as it gets louder, a brass band appears around the corner, playing a funeral march as it trails behind a wooden casket. He falls in step with the procession, its line consisting of four other men, and he plays along.

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Don’t say cheese, Mr. Assange.

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The ideal style of portraiture for news magazines is something I like to call the mug portrait, or the subjective mugshot. Here’s why.

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A house is stranded on a hillside in Achrafieh between Geitawi and Bourj Hammoud. Between the growling highway and meandering staircase. Between innards of shattered glass and vistas of painted sails. Between longgone yesterdays and notyet tomorrows. Stranded between here and nowhere.

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