A Road to Damascus

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Set in contemporary Beirut, A Road to Damascus is a faux-thriller about a reclusive botanist who witnesses a political murder and is drawn into a personal investigation. Read the first chapter of Meedo’s upcoming novel.

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A Novel Idea

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November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. Starting tomorrow, I put up my “Do Not Disturb” sign and for thirty days and nights retire to an undisclosed location with my nose to the grindstone (and my fingers to the keyboard) as I tap tap tap away 50,000 words worth of character development, plots, subplots, twists and turns that should coalesce into a novel.

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Sticky Note

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While having a one-sided argument with my mother (she talked as I listened and nodded) this afternoon about my lousy financial management, I came across this sticky note.

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To Stop a Dream from Falling

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I dreamed of falling off a three-passenger bicycle through a forest of trees and landing on the roof deck of a Turkish library.

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A child sits at the doorstep of her house with a can of soap in her hand. She’s happy but bored, so she puts the can to her lips and blows.

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Flabbergasting Discoveries

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Good morning and welcome to our show. Today I have the dubious honor of being your host for this television project. This being non-narrative, i.e. non-fiction, anything that I say here should be taken as the Truth, with a capital T, and not some relativistic, postmodern half-assed version thereof.

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