Day five: Freeday!

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What was in a sense my busiest day so far is the day I have the least to write about and is also the day I took the most pictures. Fewer words, more images. Trivandrum and Kovalam by rickshaw, an Om tattoo on the inner right ankle, ritual prayer (puja) to the Divine Mother, and I wore local clothing — a nice change from my daily costume of white T-shirt.

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Day four: Meedoguru

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Today I faced my biggest fear — no, not the headstand, that is yet to come — but rather using the shared facilities.

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Day three: Faces

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I’ve started getting used to the faces around me: There’s Mafidash (Corinne and I can’t remember his name) from Maine, who has a huge beard and gave me a book. There’s Chrissy from Toronto, who got into a rickshaw accident on her way here and has bandages all over her face.

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Day two: Discipline

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Day Two brought with it a rebalance in my karma as I made up for last night’s ditch by sticking pricetags on CDs, however my boss said my bad penmanship is a sign that I’m probably bad in bed. But that little diss from Ananda was not my greatest worry — that would be succumbing to finally using the bathroom, which I’ve not done yet.

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Day one: Dreams

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Day one at the Ashram is actually Day three since I literally slept through yesterday having arrived past midnight the day before (phew!). I woke up from the most intense dream I’ve had yet of everything and everyone I came here to forget.

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Avatar is yet another movie in the vein of Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, The Last of the Mohicans and Apocalyto about the “fact” that white people are technology-driven golddiggers and indigenous communities are pure-spirited naturelovers.

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