ARtoD Blurbs

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As I gear up to publishing my novel A Road to Damascus, I spent a few minutes this afternoon collecting blurbs from a few celebrities I’ve met over the years.

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Out of Context

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A scene from the novel A Road to Damascus gives a distorted impression of the power structure between the characters.

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The Inshalla Manifesto

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On the first day of November, Marshall woke up feeling grand.

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Note to Self

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This isn’t my journal so this isn’t an entry. Just a smattering of random thoughts scribbled at a cafe. Merkaz to be exact. Dubai to be precise. One month in.

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The Three-headed Meedo

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Meedo has three heads.

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Set in contemporary Beirut, A Road to Damascus is a faux-thriller about a reclusive botanist who witnesses a political murder and is drawn into a personal investigation. Read an excerpt from Meedo’s upcoming novel.

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